Resume Job Search Using Twitter

Twitter is a very powerful Social Media Tool and can be used towards your Resume Job Search.
Twitter’s ability to communicate big ideas in a few words, a feature increasingly appreciated by job searchers and those who advise them.

Some of Twitter Advantages for Job Seekers would be as follows:
Faster Job Search: In a job market where every opening attracts
unbelievable numbers of resumes and often closes application within
the first 24 to 48 hours, speed counts. Through Twitter, you can get new
openings sent to you before most recruiters get them by following the
right tweeters.
Reaching out to Job Boards: Monster reaches out to job seekers in
its database to encourage them to apply on Monster for jobs matching
their qualifications. Other job boards that tweet jobs announce the collaboration
on their Web sites.
Following Recruiters and Hiring managers: You can seek out and follow
recruiters and get early dibs on breaking job opportunities.
Tweeting for help: Here are examples of tweets you can send to start
a job search:
• I’m looking for a sales job. Not retail. Here’s resume link. Can
anyone push it around?
• I’m trying to get hired in accounting by XYZ corp. Know anyone
inside who could walk my resume to HR or acct. mgr?
• Will you set up meeting, or can I call using your recommendation?

Researching with hashtags: A hashtag is any word in Twitter immediately
preceded by the pound symbol (#). Examples: #marketing, #healthcare,
✓ Teaming up with Twitter sidekicks: Twitter Search (www.twitter is a Twitter-operated service that searches the service
for jobs. Additionally, legions of third-party ancillary Web sites have
appeared to cash in on the enormous volume of data Twitter generates.
The third-party sites are free. Example:
• is a job search engine that scrapes Twitter                                                                                                                for the jobs that match keywords you enter, and you can apply if the particulars are right for you.



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