Job searching

Job searching is something that a lot of people thinks about. The economy has been declining, and many great workers have been out of work. Not to mention there is an increasing number of students coming out of University and Colleges each year. Whether you are an experienced worker, or a student looking to enter the work force, there are many steps you can take to ensure efficiency in finding the right job for you.  Below are five steps that are important to make you stay positive, confident and optimistic while job searching.

Step #1, adjust your thinking.

  • If you want to land on a job that you really wanted, you need to be positive and radiate confidence. Job searching can become a long process, if it’s not going well. If you are not confident in yourself, then your potential employer will not be confident in you.

Step #2, network.

  • Networking is such a valuable tool, especially in the day and age we’re in. Don’t be afraid to reach out to an old colleague, past friend or business acquaintance. You never know what can transpire from stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Step #3, don’t always follow your passion.

  • Sometimes we get stuck in the same constant way of thinking. We grow up believing we want one thing and one thing only. Though as we grow we realize that thing we always wanted might not be what we want. Sometimes it’s okay to go in the opposite direction of what you thought you’d go in. This may open more doors, increase job opportunities and help you grow more as a person.

Step #4, create your position.

  • Don’t wait around scrolling through websites waiting for that one perfect job opportunity to appear. Give yourself options, study and do research on the field or industry you want to move into. Are there other careers in those industries you could potentially look at applying to?


Step #5, focus on your body language.

  • In an interview, it is very important to focus on your body language. The way you portray yourself with your actions will show the interviewers that you have confidence. This all includes hand movements, posture, and whether you are relaxed or now. Also paying attention to the interviewers posture can show if you are on the right track or not.


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