What’s Missing From Your Resume

Now a day’s with all the new technologies in our backyard, job application is a very simple process,

Employers just post a job on an online Job Board and he start getting hundreds of candidates that are applying from every part of the country, but the real question is; If you and other candidates have similar qualifications, what sets you apart from everybody else.

That’s a question, that we hear from recruiters everyday,

To standout from other competition, you have to sometimes post your top accomplishments that would lure most employers.
These accomplishments can include any of the followings:
✓ Increased revenues
✓ Saved money
✓ Increased efficiency
✓ Cut overhead
✓ Increased sales
✓ Improved workplace safety
✓ Purchasing accomplishments
✓ New products/new lines
✓ Improved record-keeping process
✓ Increased productivity
✓ Successful advertising campaign
✓ Effective budgeting

So next time, your working on your resume remember to write down some accomplishments to would set you apart from other candidates.


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