Graduated with No Experience

At Edmonton Resume Services we get many college students or recent graduates everyday with little to no experience at all

It’s always considered to be a first step, but knowing what to add in your Resume can give you a great value and makes the Recruiter appreciate you even though you have no experience at all.

The No-Experience Term have really frustrated new graduates since the Industrial Revolution.
New Graduates can find it to be a real challenge when they have nothing but education
to work with. But knowing what to add to give your self value can
gives a recent graduate or student a chance of competing in the job market.

Consider the following factors to identify the experience and skills you garnered
in college and match your information with the job you hope to land:
✓ Work: Internships, summer jobs, part-time jobs, campus jobs, entrepreneurial
jobs, temporary work, and volunteer work.
✓ Awards and honors
✓ Research papers and projects
✓ Campus leadership
✓ Grade Point Average (GPA): If it’s 3.0 or above; otherwise, omit it (some
advisers set the GPA floor at 3.5).

Adding some of the above will add a great value to your Resume and will give you a much better chance to compete in today’s job market.


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