Adapting to The New Normal

Adapting to The New Normal

In August 2020, Canada’s unemployment rate was 10.20%, which is almost double of what it was in August 2019. The pandemic has impacted all industries negatively, causing many to reduce their workforce or even close their doors altogether. 

With CERB ending soon, millions of Canadians are looking to return to work and everyone has one question in mind; when will things go back to normal?

The truth is, while some companies have started to bring back their employees’ service sector industries like retail, restaurants and hotels, still it might never be the same as before. 

Companies need to pivot their approach to match the shift in public expectations. As more and more people turn to online ordering and remote work environments, companies are trying to keep up. The “new normal” looks to be a more digitized economy. 


What does this mean for you, and how can you adapt?


Be Flexible

Being flexible could mean that you may not be going back to the same role you had pre-pandemic. If you do get called back to work, the responsibilities may be different. For example, retail stores do not need as many employees in the store; instead, they are looking for more shipping and delivery agents. Be open to change.

The next job you receive might be short term. Don’t overlook contract or temporary positions as many companies are still figuring out what works best for their company, so it might be challenging for various companies to offer permanent positions at this time.

And you never know, what started short term could lead to something more significant later on.


Move into a Different Industry

With so much changing right now, some businesses can bounce back faster than others. Take this opportunity to look into industries that you might not have previously considered. 

For example, it may be difficult for you to find a marketing job with an airline right now, but you could become a marketer for an online learning platform. Now could be the time to experiment and try something new. You might end up finding something you like even more than your previous job.

Some of the industries that are hiring right now include grocery stores, health care workers, security, online learning, construction, trucking, and childcare. 


Learn a New Skill

Take advantage of the time you have off to learn a new skill using online resources. There are plenty of platforms such as Udemy or Coursera that offer hundreds of free classes where you can learn skills to add to your resume. 

Amp up your resume and make yourself stand out from the crowd with transferable skills and knowledge. As we transition into a more digital economy, now more than ever, there is a need for people with computer, IT, digital marketing and website development skills. 

Everyone is trying to adapt to this new normal, so stay up to date with current trends and do not lose hope, jobs will be back, but they might look a little different. During this time of transition, let us help guide you on your route to success by making your resume stand out to potential employers! 

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