Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

It can be a daunting task trying to construct the perfect resume, and in today’s world, the competition is fierce, but you can make the right first impression by just avoiding these common resume mistakes:

  1. Having Inconsistencies & Irrelevant Work Experience

Ensure that the dates, job titles and job duties are consistent on your resume and cover letters. Employers notice inconsistencies, and it can give them the impression that something is off, or that you may be lying.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to list every job you have ever held on your resume. Only include jobs that highlight skills that most closely align with the job that you are applying for.

  1. Puffing Up Your Resume

You may be tempted to make your resume look fuller by choosing “fancy” language or adding a ton of skills, but this should be avoided. These fancy words have little practicality and will not be any help in impressing employers. The same goes for skills – you should not include obvious skills, for example, “typing,” which has become commonplace and would no longer be considered a special skill.

You also should not include personal hobbies in your resume. While they may make for interesting conversation starters, employers are not concerned with what you do in your time off unless it has to do directly with the job you are applying for.

  1. Non-Descriptive Objective

Your objective should showcase what you bring to the table. Vague and non-descriptive summaries do not grab the reader’s attention. Your objective should highlight your unique skills and achievements that align with the position you are applying for.

Do not only list your duties but your accomplishments. These are what make you special and remember to quantify your accomplishments. If you increased sales by 30%, mention that – numbers grab attention and give your claims more weight.

  1. Formatting

It may seem obvious by typos, and grammatical errors could be the fatal flaw in an otherwise perfect resume. Remember always to proofread your resume, and if possible, get someone else to look it over as well; a fresh set of eyes are perfect for catching errors.

Do not use a font that is too small; it should not be less than 10 points. Also, ensure that your contact information is correct and formatted correctly. Most Applicant Tracking Systems cannot read contact information that is in the header or inserted as an image.

Make your first impression a strong one, avoid these common mistakes and allow your skills and experience to land you that interview. Your resume should look clean, neat and simple; let your work speak for itself. Need some help? Contact our consultants for a free resume review or to discuss getting a customized resume made. You can give us a call at 587-997-6306 for a free resume review and find out if your resume needs update!

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