The Best Job Sites in Canada

Finding a job is no easy task. There are hundreds of job sites out there and it can feel quite overwhelming trying to decide where to concentrate your efforts. Here are some of the best Canadian job search sites:

1. Indeed Canada

Probably the best-known job search engine for anyone looking for a job. Indeed, brings together multiple job boards and has over 10,000 new listings every day. You can filter the search results to find the exact position or location you are looking for, read reviews and chat with potential employers. You can also set up email notifications for any time there is a new posting.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and an excellent source for job postings. It has many features to make the job hunt easier and you can filter through results to find jobs that match your online profile. You can even follow employers to get alerts every time they post a job vacancy. If you choose to get a Premium account on LinkedIn, you can even see who is looking at your profile and your competition.

3. Google for Jobs

A very easy search engine to use, on Google Jobs you can search up a key phrase for example, “public relations” and it’ll show you every available position in the area. It shows jobs from a variety of platforms all in one place and you can apply for the job back on the host website. It also does not show repeat listings and only displays one post per open position.

4. Eluta

Eluta prides itself in being the official job search engine of Canada’s Top 100 Employers Project. It has more direct employer jobs than any other search engine and you can find exclusive positions not available anywhere else. You can search for jobs that align with your values, for example, “greenest employers” or “family-friendly.” It also does not require you to set up an account or provide any personal information as they value privacy.

5. Workopolis

Showcasing around 50,000 job opportunities in both French and English, Workopolis is one of the top job search engines in Canada. You can search for jobs by salary and check nearby cities. It is also mobile-friendly so you can apply for jobs on the go.

6. Monster Canada

Monster is a leading career website across the globe. Use the filters to find your perfect fit or just upload your resume and the site will find you a job that fits your skills and interests. They also offer free resume reviews so you can see if there are any areas for improvement.

7. Government of Canada Job Bank

The Job Bank is the official job board of Canada where you can find jobs in both the public and private sectors. It is great for finding government-funded jobs and training programs. It also provides information about the salary, taxes, immigration policies, etc. From this board, you email your resume directly to the employer.

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