5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

Have you been looking for a job for a while and have not had much success? You may want to invest in a professional resume writer. A professional resume writer is specially trained in writing resumes in a way to surpass applicant tracking systems (ATS) and get your resume in front of the hiring managers.

Still Not Sure? Here are 5 reasons you need a professional resume writer:

1. You Are Not Getting Results

If you have been sending out resumes for weeks or even months and have not heard back that could mean your resume needs work. Most companies use applicant tracking systems to filter through the hundreds of resumes they receive so only a handful are ever seen by an actual person. A resume writer can help correctly format your resume and optimize it with the correct keywords so that your resume makes it to the top of the hiring manager’s pile.

2. You Don’t Know What to Include

Should you include every job you ever held? What about the job you only stayed at for two months? Do you include volunteer experience? It can be stressful deciding where to start and picking what to include. A resume writer is skilled at combing through your experience and highlighting information to best showcase your skills.

3. You Don’t Know How to Brag

You need to show off your accomplishments to stand out to employers. It can be hard bragging about your work, but a resume writer knows just what words to use to highlight the value you can provide to a potential employer. They use keywords that match job profiles and are picked up by applicant tracking systems. A resume writer knows how to make seemingly ordinary skills sound special.

4. Your Transitioning

Whether you’re looking for a promotion or transitioning into a new industry altogether it can be hard to showcase your transferable skills. You may feel like none of your experience is useful or yo have huge gaps in your resume. A professional resume writer can make the transition easier and smooth out your work history by highlighting your strengths. They cannot change your employment history, but they can minimize any weaknesses.

5. You Just Don’t Like Writing

Writing is not for everyone. You may be highly skilled and experienced in your field but when it comes to writing a resume you do not know how to properly advertise yourself in a way that is appealing to employers. Find a writer who can help you stand out on paper so that you can get the career of your dreams.

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